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Irrespective of whether you work in the automotive or aerospace industry, or any other field of use where accuracy is crucial and the torque is key – every tool in this product family provides the ideal conditions for ensuring that the right tightening torque will be achieved, exactly. Reckon on maximum accuracy, long tool lifetimes and easy handling.

High availability and economy

ELORA has succeeded in achieving the ambitious objective of increasing the periods of effective use between readjustments to considerably more than 5000 "clicks" with no errors or loss in accuracy. Extensive long-term tests have demonstrated convincingly that the torque wrenches managed 8000 "clicks" with no problems.

ELORA – Declaration of Conformity

Each hand operated torque tool leaves our works with a declaration of conformance according to DIN EN ISO 6789:2017 Part 1. ELORA services and controls your torque wrenches quickly and cost-saving. On demand also according to DIN EN ISO 6789:2017 part 2.

Wide range of applications

The torque wrench must work accurately even when subjected to extreme fluctuations in temperature and in environments in which dust and moisture are commonly encountered. This is why ELORA torque wrenches are intensively tested under all conceivable operating conditions at ELORA's own calibration laboratory. The ELORA torque wrenches have all passed the tests with flying colours. A particularly important feature is the temperature from -15 to +40°C. The design of the tool, the torquing mechanism and the choice of components and materials are further evidence of ELORA's innovative approach to professional products enabling efficient working.