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  • for use at back and side panels of roller the tool cabinets ELORA-No. 1220-L7, 1220-L8 and 1225-L7
    at the side and rear panel of the roller tool cabinet accessories can be mounted by using the Euro-perforation 10 x 38 mm (square 10 x 10 mm, hole centre to hole centre 38 x 38 mm)
  • plastic holder
  • for drawers in tool cabinets and work benches
  • Length: 2m
  • for ELORA roller tool cabinet Buddy; ELORA-No. 1210-LOT
  • up to 6 different accessories mountable in the recessed side wall e.g. storage foldable tray for small parts ELORA No. 1210-ES, screwdriver tray for 8 screwdrivers ELORA No. 1210-SD
  • the wooden panel ELORA No. 1210-PL fits exactly onto the ABS-storage shelf and make it a plane working surface
  • drawer division for ELORA-Super Caddy, ELORA-No. 1220-L7, 1220-L8 and ELORA ToolJET, ELORA-No. 1225-L7 and mobile work bench, ELORA-No. 1820-LOT
  • for division of the drawers
  • zinc-plated metal sheet
  • for cantilever tool box ELORA-No.800L, 803L, 810L and 813L
  • with steel bow 29 mm, incl. 2 keys
  • Brass